Lana Hechtman Ayers - 2012 Artsmith Fellow

Poet Lana Hechtman Ayers is another of our 2012 Artsmith Residency fellows. The above painting by Fereidun Shokatfard inspired the following poem.

In My Dreams I Draw Circles But None of Their Edges Touch

after a painting by Fereidun Shokatfard

I wait for word from you.

Is your new place free
from crooked trees?

Free from those who steal
your blood
prick by prick?

Are you eating almonds
glazed with honey,
the resurrected
teeth sharp and sturdy?

I have heard of yellow
skies, of wind
becoming ravens.

And do you walk again,
Mother, where you are,
legs strong as stones,
steps light as smoke?

I imagine you singing Andrews Sisters'
hits as if they were your own,
refusing autographs.

Our dog with golden fur
crouches by your heels.
Your newly healed son brings
you useful trinkets, coffee mugs
and ashtrays.

What news do you want of me?

Since you died
my books have become deserts,
regret swarms my throat like hornets.

I speak now only in whispers,
each syllable a damp match.


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