A Letter to Artists (and call for artist residency applications)

Dear Artists,

Remember January 2017? The U.S. post-election turmoil? The divisiveness beginning in social media, with friends, and sometimes within families? That year, Artsmith's Artist Residency Fellows put their energy into their art. In the dark of winter, they hunkered down and worked with an intensity and determination. There were long naps, too. And walks to the beach just to watch the waves, to let the rhythm of the tide reassure them and reset their own internal tides.

Now imagine January 2019. We'll be coming off the mid-terms. Will you need a week of creative escape to delve deep and give yourself over to your art? Can you imagine having the luxury of time to create all day, join fellow artists for dinner, then soak in the hot tub or sip your favorite beverage by the fire? If so, we hope you'll apply for Artsmith's 2019 artist residency the week of January 4-11 (Deadline May 31). Or apply to any of the Cascadia Artist in Residence Network (CAiRN) residencies. Or schedule your own creative retreat. Turn off the phone. Take long walks. Make time to be inspired.

We love you and want you and your art to thrive!

Your Fans at Artsmith


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