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Why I Apply to Artist Residencies Knowing I Might Not Get In

Each year, Artsmith asks accomplished professionals in the arts to serve on our Peer Review Panel to adjudicate artist residency applications. And each year, the Peer Review Panel faces tough decisions about which artist projects or processes to support with an invitation to be a guest of the coming year's artist residency. I don't envy the panel having to choose. The artists who apply are talented, hard-working, committed to their artistic practices, and could genuinely benefit from a week of uninterrupted time creating new work in the San Juan Islands. Each year, many worthy and qualified applicants learn they were not selected for a residency this time. It's the part of my (also voluntary) job as executive director I stress about the most. If only we could afford to give residencies all year long, to everyone who applies.

As an artist who applies to residencies, I know full well what it's like to submit, hope, and wait for an answer. Hedgebrook has turned me down t…

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