Artsmith's 2016 Residency Expands to up to Four Weeks

Wake up in the Steller''s Jay Suite

Time. Perhaps the greatest gift of a residency is time. Time to work on one's art. Time to explore. Time to rest. To sleep. To soak in the hot tub under the stars. To take long walks or stare at the fire. To become lost in thought. To let images and ideas wash over you. Time to yawn. To stretch. Time to come out the other side with fresh insights. Time to incorporate those new ideas, that new you who has morphed and developed and grown, into new works. Time to know. Time not to know. To wonder. To make mistakes. To hate your mistakes. To love them more than anything you've ever done. Time to lose track of yourself and time itself. Time for time.

With this in mind--that understanding that insight is aided by time--Artsmith has decided to expand its residency in 2016 so that applicants can apply for as many as four weeks in residence. From January 3 to January 30 we will host up to five artists, writers, and scholars at a time, each staying anywhere from one to four weeks.

Also in the interest of time, our application period will move to earlier in the year. Applicants can apply between February 1 and April 30. As always, a Peer Review Panel of artists, writers, and scholars will review the applications and select those whose work they believe will benefit most from a residency in this setting. Until then, think about how much time you could use (and can manage with your schedule) and how you would like to spend it in residence in the San Juan Islands.


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