Artsmith Residency to Hit the Road

Once a part of Spain, once a part of Mexico, once a part of the Republic of Texas, and now a bilingual and multicultural part of the U.S., Laredo, Texas is a city rich in art, architecture, culinary delights, and remarkably friendly people. Not to mention it is an important spot for migratory birds and the birders who love to see them, especially the birds that don't venture any farther north.

Why mention all this, you ask? Because in December 2015, Artsmith takes its residency program on the road for a 3-day residency for culture & travel writers. Up to five writers (with room for two to bring a partner writer, photographer, or videographer who can share their room) will be selected. Writers and their partners are responsible for their travel expenses to get to Laredo. Once in Laredo, three nights' lodging at the historic La Posada Hotel and most meals will be provided, plus a chance to experience the best of Laredo culture with special, behind-the-scenes access.

We'll attend the CaminArte art walk and Streets of Laredo Artisan Bazaar. Other options, to be determined after the residency fellows are selected,  include border cuisine cooking classes, birding and guided walks with a naturalist in the Rio Grande riparian zone, meetings with Immigration and Border Patrol, Teatro Tejano de la Calle street theater and history tour. Catch a glimpse of some of the possible sights and activities below.

The residency takes place the first weekend of December, 2015, with details to be posted to the Artsmith website soon. So get ready to submit your application this spring for a festive and exciting adventure in December!


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