Winter Island / Writer Island
 Artwork by Susan Mustard

There's a reason why we chose winter for the second Writer Island retreat. I love this hibernal time, when the urgency of holiday festivities are over, when the garden lies dormant, and nearly every plant shows signs of being on the verge.

This is the most productive writing time for me, that long, suspenseful moment before leaf and blossom. Not only do I feel inspired by winter's quiet progression, but the moodiness of daytime's angled light and the crackle of evening's winter fire provide the perfect conditions for writing.

The only thing that could make it better is the presence of other writers -- amazing writers and teachers like Martha Silano and Tina Schumann -- to hold that creative space, encourage and inspire one another, and later share new works (preferably accompanied by a complex and jammy red).

If you love writing in winter, too... If you could use a nurturing retreat where you can write during the day and share your work at night... If you love good food and the stimulating company of other writers... do yourself a favor and sign up for Writer Island January 31 to February 2. Give your writing the space and time it deserves.


  1. I grew up on Orcas Island and remember when Kangaroo House began! I wish I had known about this neat opportunity before it was too late - sounds marvelous. I'm a freelance writer and am writing an Orcas-inspired book. :-)

    1. Ooh, an Orcas-inspired book! Stay tuned. We'll have more writing retreats to come!


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