Neva Hassanein 2013 Artsmith Scholar of the Year

Mid- to advanced-career scholar? Check
Incredibly thoughtful and generous? Check
Engaging, energizing, and inspiring teacher? Check
Giving of her time and expertise to make the world a better place? Check, check, check!

Meet Neva Hassanein, PhD and Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Montana. Awarded the 2013 Artsmith Scholar of the Year Award, Neva will spend a week in retreat on Orcas Island, where we'll have a chance to meet her in person, and hear about her efforts to bring together entire communities to develop environmentally and economically sustainable food systems. In short, she's amazing, and more than deserving of recognition for her selfless generosity and forward vision as a scholar among scholars. For a reminder that there are still people who turn ideals into practice, you can read more about Neva's accomplishments and the Artsmith award here.


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