Short Story Doctor

Short story writers check out Elea Carey's blog: Short Stories Only ( It's a great resource for short fiction writers, and when you get stuck, you can turn to Elea for her "astute and very insightful" critiques, which, according to author Kent Meyers who found her comments useful for his novel Twisted Tree, are "sharp, clear, deep, and always directed toward the most significant aspects of the work."

Jay Bates, founder and publisher of A River and Sound Review, says of Elea, "As a writer and as an editor, she harbors a keen ear for narrative voice in fiction and employs a sharp eye for the nuances that make for a strong story, including setting design, character development, plot, and human conflict. What’s more, her response to the work of other writers is expressed with clear articulation and the empathy and charm of her Southern roots and upbringing."


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