Arters and Writists

Before we get started, I want to emphasize it wasn’t the wine.  There were four of us last night, artists and writers, tossing ideas back and forth.  The topics ranged from metal-working to sculpture to promoting one’s art to integrity of form.  The more we talked, the faster we talked, each inspired by the other.  Let me also say that among us, the visual artists happen to write well and the writers happen to dabble, also quite well, in visual arts.  So it was no surprise that by the end of the evening “writers and artists” became “arters and writists,” which describes a good many of us.  Most of the writers I know have a secret love affair with book arts, and most of the visual artists I know also write poetry.  So I propose we add these words to our ever growing lexicon of how we describe ourselves and others.  And also that we refrain from zipping our descriptions up too tightly.  Sure, let what defines us refine us, but let there always be the raw, untempered, exploratory sides of ourselves that flow into the amorphous, growing, learning, and undefinable.   Here’s to the Arter and Writist in each of us!  Hoozah!


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